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As a provider of NLP application development services, we are aware that there are several applications for NLP in business. From resolving complexities of word ambiguity to intent based semantic interpretation, there’s a league of evolution that the technology is experiencing. Customer services & experience has reached to the next-level of growth with AI and machine learning, identifying means for improvement – in service delivery, product recommendations, user interfaces, Q&A – it’s an ocean of opportunities that has been unlocked.

Sentiment Analysis

Through their feedback and comments, your consumers can help you better understand the feelings they have about your products or services.

Semantic Search

By interpreting the user's intent and the context through their search queries, semantic search enables your apps to conduct in-depth searches.

Speech Recognition

Create a textual representation of speech, and then deliver precise search and analytics results.

Information Extraction

Social media posts and other semi-structured or unstructured materials can be used to extract structured information.

Machine Translation

You can translate between languages using machine translation while accurately maintaining context and meaning.

Control Spamming

Social media posts and other semi-structured or unstructured materials can be used to extract structured information.


To reduce information overload, summarise important information from long documents.

Question Answering

Modern chatbots can be effectively employed to get relevant responses to queries asked in human language.

Natural Language Processing
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NLP technology is penetrating global markets extensively. The rise in NLP use cases demonstrates that it has applicability in a variety of processes and industries. Semantics, speech recognition, spam filters, and many more technologies can all be combined to give organisations today the greatest technology possible. With Day One’s Natural Language Processing consulting services, we encourage businesses to take a leap and explore AI’s potential across:

  • Healthcare
  • Fintech and BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Edtech
  • Retail
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Social Media and Entertainment
  • FoodTech and more
NLP (Natural Language Processing)
What Is It & How Does it Work?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows machines to break down and interpret human language. It is at the core of all the technologies we use on a daily basis, including search engines, chatbots, spam filters, and grammar checkers as well as voice assistants and social media monitoring tools.

You may be asking how to use NLP now that you have some understanding of its fundamentals and current business applications. There are numerous open-source libraries created specifically for use with NLP. You may create a comprehensive and unique NLP solution using these libraries because they are open source and extensible.

Using text vectorization, NLP tools transform text into something a machine can understand, then machine learning algorithms are fed training data and expected outputs (tags) to train machines to make associations between a particular input and its corresponding output. Machines then use statistical analysis methods to build their own “knowledge bank” and discern which features best represent the texts, before making predictions for unseen data.
Natural Language Processing
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